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Trachyte, Granite and other Natural Stones

The departure hall of the airport of Venice Marco Polo

Since 1921, CAVE PIETRA MONTEMERLO srl has specialized in the supply and processing of natural stone suitable for outdoor use in cold, rainy climates (and in particular Classic Grey Montemerlo Trachyte, a type of Euganean Trachyte). The company is a leading name in the preservation of the art and architecture of historic Italian cities, and also in traditional uses for urban paving, large restoration projects, and prestigious architectural applications in both public and private buildings. With its centuries-old knowledge, it can source and suggest new materials (Euganean trachyte, natural stone, granite, basalt, porphyry...) as well as the processes that are suitable for these types of conditions, crafting an excellent image for the company in street furnishings and construction, combining quality work with the well-being of citizen-pedestrians in cities made more liveable.

The Constitution Bridge in Venice, designed by Santiago Calatrava

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